Standard Hermanni

HERMANNI sauna seats are delivered finished and untreated. The glue laminated frame made of Spruce stays straight. The sauna seats and visible parts are made of the wood of your choice: Spruce, Abachi, Aspen, Alder or heat treated Alder.

  • Upper level seat: Width 500 mm, length according to measurements.
  • Lower level seat: Width 400 mm, length according to measurements.
  • Bench: height 340 mm, width 390 mm, length 690 mm.
  • Safety railing around stove (foot support and side board): Length 800 mm.
  • Installation screws
  • Support legs 2 pcs for over 2100-mm-long seats.
  • Installation instructions

The carefully designed details of Hermanni sauna seats together form a functional and durable entity. The glue laminated timber frame stays straight, and the special structure allows water to flow away freely. The deck and frame are easily removable, making it easy to clean the sauna seats. This is why Hermanni sauna seats come with a guarantee.

Standard Hermanni is a sauna seat model guaranteed to suit most saunas. We will make the Standard Hermanni according to the measurements of your sauna. The sauna seat package includes upper and lower level seats, a bench, a protective rail and installation materials. Standard Hermanni is durable, affordable and easy to maintain. Installation is simple and quick.